Phillips Community Healthy Living

Kids working in the community garden

Waite House is the leading the Phillips neighborhood toward healthy eating and active living strategies.

The Phillips Community Healthy Living initiative (PCHL) strives to create sustainable community improvements and reduce inequities experienced by low-income Latinos, Native-Americans, and other communities of color within the Phillips neighborhood. A key emphasis of Waite House's PCHL Initiative is fostering coalitions - such as with the 24th Street Urban Farm, Healthy Foods, Phillips Fitness, and Community Gardening - which regularly work together on projects that substantially increase access to and utilization of healthy food and physical activity options.

Through these coalitions PCHL has created a bike library and other programs promoting bikes, as well as a collaboration with Running Wolf Fitness Center to connect low income families to low cost gym memberships. The Healthy Cornerstore initiative works with neighborhood stores to increase fresh fruit and vegetable offerings, and the Healthy Foodshelf Network is a collaboration with other food shelf and meal programs to increase affordable health food options and educate donors.

During the summer months, the community garden at Waite House provides fresh vegetables seasonally to the Food Shelf.

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